A View from the Summit

Today’s blog is to let you know that Lorraine’s Corner will have new authors in the future (and likely a new name!). As you may have noticed, my hours here at Summit have grown shorter and shorter. As I continue to cut back my hours prepping for retirement, the rest of the team here at Summit will be writing these blogs. You’ve probably already figured out that I love to write, and it’s been a pleasure sharing topics with you that I found interesting, informative or fun. But change is part of life, and I’m not the only author here at Summit. I think you’ll enjoy getting some different perspectives.

So I’ll leave you with a concept one of my clients taught me many years ago: Write your own obituary today as though your life were to end suddenly. As we all are caught up in the day to day routine, it’s easy to lose track of the bigger issues in life. What would you want to be remembered as having achieved in your life? It’s likely not for being the last one out the door at the clinic every night, or for having achieved the highest profitability in your department or your hospital last year. More likely, it’s for the doctors or staff you mentored, the children you raised, the volunteer work you did, and the lives you touched by helping others achieve their goals. Your crowning accomplishments may have nothing to do with work or family, and instead reflect the artistic or athletic interests you’ve pursued over time. No matter what your passion, if the obituary you write for yourself today wouldn’t include the ways you want to be remembered, you might want to rethink how you are living your life.